Food Geek Friday: Maple Spice Yogurt Dip (October #Unprocessed)

Are you participating in October Unprocessed? If so, you're joining in with over 6,000 other people! If not, it's not too late to start. You can finish out the rest of the month or do 30 days starting now. For those participating, we're a little over the half-way point. How's is going? What's working well for you? What are you having struggles with? I'm not exactly sure why but I've found this year to be MUCH easier than last year. Often when I embark on new plans/habits to create I have a strong pattern: start strong, peter out around Thursday, blow off the weekend and pick up again around Sunday/Monday. To my surprise this hasn't happened at all this time. I think much of it has to do with following the #unprocessed feed on Twitter and knowing that so many others are doing this as well. Plus, there's been a lot going on with me recently and I'm just in a good place to cut out the crap in all areas of my life.

And here we are.

So today's recipe is something I made a while back but is the perfect flavors for fall. It's based off of my chocolate yogurt dip. This is a healthy dip that tastes decadent and is really versatile. It can be used as a dip for fruit, topping for waffles or pancakes or eaten alone with some granola and fruit as breakfast or for a snack.

Just as I like my kitchen appliances to pull double and triple duty, it's important that my food does as well. This prevents boredom with leftovers when you're cooking for one.

Maple Spice Yogurt Dip

inspired by Chocolate Yogurt Dip


  • Greek yogurt
  • maple syrup (B grade is best)
  • cinnamon
  • nutmeg
  • clove
  • cardamom
  • ginger

*note - can use these or any other assortment of fall spices you have on hand. Pumpkin pie spice rocks in this as well.


  1. Combine ingredients and stir.

Doesn't get any easier than that, does it? Enjoy!