How Quickly Can You Go from Zero to Fabulous?

This one is for the ladies. Not to leave the gents out, it's just not as much of an issue for them.

We all have moments when we need to go from zero to fabulous in 3 point zero seconds. Maybe you completely overslept. Maybe a friend contacts you at the last minute to go to a cool event. Maybe you have a wedding down on your calendar for 6pm only to learn at 3:30pm that the wedding was at 2:00pm after seeing the groom's post on Facebook.

(Disclaimer...this is what happened to me this past Saturday. I know, I KNOW!!! Biggest professional FAIL evah! I'm still personally and professionally embarrassed. A professional ORGANIZER and former wedding planner knows better. And let me tell you, the irony of this was not lost on anyone. However it very quickly became a huge laugh and is now, I'm sure, a story that will be trotted out through the years to embarrass and laugh about. I admit this to you so that you can feel better about your own disorganized, dysfunctional mistakes and show that they can happen to even the most organized of us. When it strikes you pull yourself together, regroup and have a fabulous time at the reception...and then use it as a blog example.)

One of the major benefits to being organized is handling any situation, and especially a situation when you're running late and most likely already flustered, with grace. To help with this, ladies, you need a go-to look. Something you can do in no-time-flat, without thinking and end up looking polished. For me this is hair pulled back into a smooth, low ponytail and then depending upon how much time I have the makeup is anywhere from concealer, eyebrows, mascara and red lip gloss in <5 minutes to full face if I've got up to 15. Saturday I managed house cleaning sweats (it was NOT pretty) to wedding elegance while texting and then talking on the phone with the wedding planner (it helps to have been in the industry) to out the door in 25. I could have shaved that down to 15-20 if I wasn't texting and talking but I had to make sure I wasn't going to interrupt anything by arriving late to the reception. I arrived just after the wedding party and while there got more compliments than I can count. A lovely boost considering everything that happened and that I did slap my look together. My mistake was also a help to the bride since I was able to bring some things to fix up her dress after the bustle broke. The universe takes care of us.

Ladies, have a go-to look in your pocket for times you need to get ready in a flash. What we're looking for here is simple and clean. Even out the skin tone and bring out your best feature. This isn't the time for complicated maneuvers with liquid liners, multiple shadows, contouring and fake lashes and such. Just the basics and tried and true for this situation. Then practice it. A lot. Sounds silly but practice makes permanent and this is not the time to play around. I had TONS of practice during my ballroom dance and events career. Nothing like having to go from competition sweaty to showered and black tie ready in 30 minutes or event set-up grungy to elegant and polished in 5-10. I've made it an art form. So much so that I've had friends invite me to events up to an hour prior just because they know I'm the one person that can pull it off.

You can be that friend too.

Have a simple, quick routine in your back pocket for frenzied times and nobody has to EVER know that moments prior you were a hot mess. This is also very helpful for moms who spend most of their time getting the little ones ready and have little time left for themselves.

Ladies, do you have a polished in mere moments look? If so, what is it? If not, take some time this week to create it and never be disheveled in public again.