Quick Tip: The Happy Place

Liz QuoteNo matter how well adjusted you may or may not be, we all come upon times in our day, week, life where we need a little boost. This can be especially true during the holidays. Perhaps it's added family time stress. Maybe it's because we set our expectations up to high and are hit with major disappointment when reality doesn't live up. Maybe we just can't be bothered with all the hoopla yet feel bad about it because everything say we're supposed to care. "Most wonderful time of the year" and all. Whatever it is, it can really bring out the crazy and negative in people. A friend mentioned last night how she saw not one, not two but THREE fights at the store last night. Crazy. Town.

Enter - The Happy Box.

A client of mine has a case where she keeps notes from her students for those days when she needs a reminder that she loves her job and why she loves her job. I have a few spots - virtual and hard copy - where I keep thank you notes, compliments and other good words. Another friend is going to write good things that happen or are said to her on index cards to refer back to when certain people around her have crazy flare-ups. Another friend calls her spot the "warm fuzzy file."

No matter who you are, there are times when we could all use a little encouragement. Create a place where you collect the kinds words that have been said to you and about you. Virtually or in hard copy doesn't matter. Have both even. This is a place that is allowed to runneth over.

But not too much.

Do you have a "happy box" where you've accumulated lovely things that always put you in a better mood?