Reason to Get Organized: Quick Thinking in an Accident

Today I'm going to give you what should be, by far, one of the most compelling reasons to get yourself organized and clutter free: The ability to think and act quickly in an accident.

What is going on inside our heads manifests itself in our surroundings. What is going on in our surroundings affects our head. It's a vicious circle that often causes my clients much confusion most of the time. In average day to day life, a little confusion and inability to think/act quickly isn't necessarily a big deal. However, in an accident it could be the difference between capturing data that is vital to resolving a solution or being left to twist in the wind.

So what prompted today's blog entry you ask?

This past Friday evening, I was involved in a hit and run accident. (I'm fine. Car is OK too. Mainly just peeved that now I have one more thing to deal with in an already packed schedule.) Now in many cases a hit and run is a problem. The likelyhood that you saw or clearly remembered enough information to catch the person could be slim.

Unless you're able to think and act quickly.

And capture this:

License blurred to protect the not so innocent.

Oh yeah...I snapped a pic. With this I was able to give authorities the name, make and model of the car. The time stamp also gave me an almost exact time of the accident. Things I most likely would not have noticed or remembered otherwise. I now also know who hit me and decided to take off instead. Hopefully this can be resolved easily and quickly now instead of being a drawn out pain in my ass.

This may seem trivial or not related to organizing, but I assure you it is. When you are only surrounded by things that you actually need, use and love and each of those items has a place where it lives, it allows your brain to "settle." This brain that is not surrounded in chaos all the time is able to think and act much more clearly and quickly when it is thrown into chaos. Accidents can happen at any time. We want to be able to deftly maneuver them when they do.

Not to mention you'll be able to find that camera if and when you need it!

And remember kids - some phone's cameras are better than real cameras and are with a person anywhere they go. If you screw up, it's easy to capture it forever. It's also easy to find information on the interwebs...and the interwebs are forever as well. Just do the right thing, OK!