Christmas Card Confession Time

Mad Men Christmas Party Conga LineI have a confession to make. I hate sending out Christmas cards.

Yep, Sunshines, the lady of 15 years of event planning and the doling out of etiquette advice and planting the most personal of touches through my careers of professional ballroom dance teaching, event planning and home organizing HATES sending Christmas cards. I find it tedious and impersonal.

And I really hate impersonal.

I've always been known for picking out fabulously personal cards. I don't do it as often as I used to, but if you get a card from me you can bet Vegas Big Money that you're going to love it. It may even go in your happy place. So sending out the same card to lots of people, for me, really REALLY sucks.

In all my years of life I've never sent Christmas cards. That changed, however, when I started my own business. I sucked it up because that's what I thought I "supposed to do."

Yet, here's the thing...Often times a client will tell me they really don't like something but they do it or have it because that's "what they're supposed to do" or "that's the way it's done." I always tell them, "Who cares!" Don't want to do it? Don't miss it? It won't kill anyone? Then DON'T. Don't bother. There are better ways to spend your time and energy.

I like to think that I've become the Queen of kicking "supposed to" square in the tush. Yet here I am having spent the last month and a half dreaded and procrastinating dealing with some stupid cards. Will my not sending out the same Christmas card to each friend and client I have bring harm upon someone?

Of course not.

So this year, I'm taking my own advice. I don't "have" to do it and I'm not going to.

It has nothing to do with my clients. I LUUUUUUURVE my clients! I'm honored that they chose me to come into their lives and accept my help. I love the way their personalities lighten up as their clutter load lightens.  I love the way they get excited over little ways that I've made their life easier. I love when they text, email, Tweet and Facebook me with pictures of projects they took on without my being there. Or when they're proud of their "homework." Or to just tell me that they found their tape in under a minute. Or they can straighten their home in under 5. This brings me SUCH pride and joy! I love, adore and appreciate my clients BEYOND MEASURE!

But I HATE the tediousness of sending out freakin' Christmas cards. I totally get that there are those of you out there that LOVE sending Christmas cards. And I do enjoy receiving them. I just hate to send them.

And I'm not doing it.

So know. Know in your BONES, that I want you to have a merry and fabulous time ALL. THE. TIME. Including this holiday season.

Just don't look for it in a bland corporate card.