Makeover: Medicine Cabinet

The Fall/Winter cold season is pretty much upon us. I rarely get sick but I've been hit. Same for other friends of mine. If you haven't been hit yet then HOORAY!!! Just in case, prep yourself by clearing out your medicine cabinet.

The following makeover is part of what my client started calling the "reckonings." I've already shown you the kitchen reckoning. Soon I'll show you the amazing guest room reckoning. There were many, many little reckonings along the way as well.

Today it's all about the medicine cabinet reckoning. Medicine Cabinet Before

We started, as usual, by removing EVERYTHING from the cabinet. Then we sorted everything by category - sniffles, pain, upset tummy, etc. Next up was checking expiration dates.

Pro tip: Just like when checking expiration dates on food, it's quicker to check expiration dates on medications when you're looking at similar meds since they'll be in a similar location, thus saving you some "hunt" time.

Once all the old drugs were tossed - about 6 plastic grocery sacks in all - I started gathering each category into its own bin. This way when you had a particular issue, you could go straight to the relief. Medicine Cabinet After

Drugs used most often are in the lower levels making them easier to get to. As we go further up, the less often the medicines are used.

Medicine Cabinet wm

Total time: 1 1/2 hours.

How does your medicine cabinet look? If it's crazy and needs to be reckoned with, then hit it! Now. #noexcuses