Announcing Featured Contributor Spot with She Owns It

sheownsit_logo_325I am SO excited to announce that I'm one of the new featured contributors with She Owns It, a wonderful website dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs reach their goals and dreams. I'll be their "A Life Less Cluttered" expert. I'm currently working on my first piece for them that I'm really excited about. It's about some of the organizing rules that I think are b.s. and better solutions for them. I'll link to it here when it's up. I've got some other great things in the works for them and I can't wait to share! (Some have asked and not to worry, I'll still be posting regularly here. I love writing for this blog and couldn't abandon it.)

This new position is the perfect example of when I tell you, my clients, friends and anyone who asks to just "go for it" whether it be getting rid of clutter or applying for a job with a fabulous company or taking steps towards starting your own business or making any changes for the better in your own life. Back in November, my very favorite Redhead Writing posted a link on Facebook to She Owns It's request for applications to be a featured contributor. I clicked through and read the post. They didn't ask for an organization expert but they did say to apply if you had some other field of expertise that would help others. Usually in situations like this I would think about it for a while, carefully craft an application and then send it in. Maybe. However this time I just typed away and sent it immediately. I don't even remember what I told them! Whatever I told them, it was obviously exactly what they were looking for! The editor told me she LOVES what I do!! So if there's something you really want but are dragging your feet then stop it! Get off your ass and go for it!

I'm so honored to be chosen as one of the new She Owns It contributors. I'm included in a really fantastic and impressive group of women. I hope you'll check us out!