Quick Tip: If you have to hide it...

I was meeting with a lovely woman. She'd gotten a divorce, the house had slowly gotten out of control and she was ready to take it back. As we were doing the tour of her home and discussing the whats, whys and wherefores, I came across this: In HidingIt was her bridal portrait hidden behind the TV in her bedroom. I asked her why she held on to a picture representing a broken relationship and was hiding it at the same time. The answer was something I usually hear - she was unsure what to do with it. On the one hand, she thought she looked beautiful. (Very true. Simply gorgeous as a matter of fact.) On the other hand, it represented a bad relationship and something she was trying to distance herself from.

Sunshines, you can't distance yourself and let go of the negative when it's sitting on your dresser. Even if it's hidden behind your TV.

Are you unsure about letting go of certain, emotionally charged objects? Think about these things:

  • Do you have to hide it like this photo?
  • Does it make you feel bad?
  • Does it remind you of heartbreak?
  • Does it represent a low period of your life?
  • Does it conjure up any negative or self-defeating emotions?

Let. It. Go.

Guilt free.

Anything that creates negative energy and feelings doesn't deserve the valuable real estate of your home.

You and your space deserve better. You'll feel better too. Every single client of mine that has done this has told me how FREEING it's been and how much lighter they feel afterwards. It can be very challenging to face it, but you'll be proud of yourself afterwards.

Is there something in your home that you've hung on to even though it makes you feel bad? Get rid of it right now! Set it on fire if you can! (Safely of course!!)

Let me know in the comments what you let go of and how you feel afterwards.