Quick Tip: Remove the Obstacles

Remove the ObstaclesSometimes the difference between staying organized vs. cluttered is a simply matter of removing little obstacles. Seemingly inconsequential differences can make all the real difference you need. Perhaps it's:

  • using hooks instead of a towel bar in the bathroom. It takes less effort to hang a towel onto a hook rather than folding and placing on a bar. Dries faster too.
  • leaving the top off of a file box you use often. Easier to drop a piece of paper into the folder when you don't have to screw around with the lid. Especially if you have your hands full.
  • keeping sippy cups and sippy cup lids in their own bins. Let's face it, those are a pain in the rear to keep up with as it is. Get little people are handling them and they're never going to stay straight anyway. Best to go with it.

Killing little steps can be just what you need to go from perpetually cluttered to regularly organized. Do you have any little obstacles standing in your way between clutter/chaos and maintaining organization? Get them out of your way today!

Let us know what you changed in the comments. If you're having a problem and unsure quite how to tweak it leave it in the comments and let's see if I can help.