Quick Tip: Glassware in Abundance

This is something I come across regularly in my homes that entertain often - an abundance of glassware. Unfortunately, I don't have the befores to this bar. On the outset, it wasn't that bad. Yes, there were a LOT of glasses and they were all sorted like with like. They were all placed together within the shelves. Sounds exactly like what I tell people day in and day out, yes? Absolutely.

This is why I also say to think about the function and how often something is used in determining layout. Sure the glasses were together, but some glasses that are used were on the very top shelves with their mates.

And who wants to grab the ladder every time the want a glass of wine?

Not this girl for sure.

So what I did was arrange the like with like vertically instead of horizontally along the shelves. This leaves every type of glass within easy reach, only needing to bust out the ladder for a party.

Here are our "twosies" (glasses where we only had 2 of) and cut crystal. Twosies and pitchers go in easy reach. The crystal doesn't get used that often so it's fine towards the top. (As well as the stemless wine glasses that aren't used that often.)


Then we moved on to the rest of the glasses. There was a minimum of 4 of everything else. 4 of each glass went on the lowest shelf  (except for beer glasses, which didn't fit) with the remaining working vertically above.IMG_20130213_145116

My client had two types of wine glasses for large parties. For those, I placed them in even numbers working up through the shelving.

IMG_20130213_145058Leaving us with this:

BarwareThe pic is a little dark, but you can see that everything is neatly arranged and easy to get to. Just two of you? Piece of cake. Have another couple over for wine, martinis or beer? You bet. Small gathering? Bring it on. Large group? Grab the ladder. It's all good and the drinking portion of entertaining is easy.

Do you have an abundance of glassware? Perhaps a plating for 12 or 16 when it's just 2 of you in the house. Keep enough on the lower shelves for regular use and then work up the cabinets vertically with the excess.