Food Geek Friday: Special Announcement

Feeding Yourself FabulouslyToday, instead of sharing a recipe, I'm sharing a special announcement. I'm going to write a book about meal planning and how to feed yourself.

The idea originally came to me over a year ago when I was talking with one of my younger clients. She only ate once a day because she was unsure what to do. The mornings were coffee. The evenings she was tired after work and couldn't be bothered. Lunch was the only thing she really ate and that was usually because her assistant brought her food. I knew this had to change and I could help.

After all, fabulous ladies must feed themselves fabulously.

I started a blog post about it. I intended on including it as part of a larger program helping 20-somethings transition from college or their parents'  home authentically. Without feeling like they're "playing adult."

But then I had another idea and this one fell to the back-burner. Sunshines, I've got a LOT of ideas simmering away on the back-burner just waiting for the right time.

The time for this idea has come.

A couple of weeks ago, another young lady and wildly, successful business owner revealed to me that she doesn't know how to take care of herself. I was reminded of the blog post I wanted to write over a year ago and decided to revisit. As I wrote, it felt like it needed to be bigger. It felt like I was writing the intro to a program or ebook or something. I didn't know the form yet, but I knew something needed to happen.

Since then, it keeps coming up over and over again with those I know closely to those I barely know at all. Fabulous women who don't really know how to feed themselves. After yoga the other day when yet another wonderful woman comes up to me to specifically tell me that she'd been thinking about me. She hadn't been cooking and needed to. Needed to get back to that form of nourishment and self care that is so vital.

It was confirmed. I HAD to do something and it will take form in an e-book.

What better way to make sure something happens than to boldly put it out there for the world to see? As soon as I got home from yoga I posted it to Twitter and Facebook.

I'm going to write this book on meal planning and how to feed yourself. I'm gearing it towards single people, couples and the super-busy. (It'll work for families too but that's not my focus. So little out there focuses on single people and I refuse to continue that. I can't allow single and/or busy to ever be an excuse for someone to eat crap or live a life of leftovers ever again.) My target release date is by my birthday this July.

Am I a little freaked out? Hell yeah! Do I know what I'm doing? Not so much. I currently know absolutely NOTHING about self-publishing. But I didn't know anything about anything I've ever done before I did it.

So there.

Time to make it happen.

Do you meal plan? How do you take care of the daily feeding of yourself? What are your specific needs and challenges?