The 5 Parts of Organizing that will SUCK

My March She Owns It post is up and this is my favorite yet. If you know ahead of time what will suck, it's easier to work through. It'll probably still suck, but it'll at least suck less. Enjoy! ************************************************************

The 5 Parts of Organizing That Will SUCKYou’ll find TONS of articles out there about getting organized and the vast majority – mine included – make it sound so “la, la, la,” easy-breezy and such. For the most part, it is.

Then there’s the other part.

This is the part we gloss over, hoping you’ll continue to read our articles and buy our services. Truth is, however, that it isn’t always so easy-breezy.

Some parts just suck.

In my past life as an event planner, I worked for...

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