Is Your Home a Lasagna?

Is Your Home a LasagnaI hope you’re not hungry because today I’m combining two of my fave pleasures – food and organizing. Imagine a lasagna fresh out of the oven.  Perhaps, like me, you are impatient and cut into it too soon. That beautiful, smooth layer of cheese on top gives way to layers desperate to fall apart. As we persist on getting the lasagna on our plate, it just splays out into a rich, hot mess.

Many people’s homes are like this, too.

Upon first entrance, it seems lovely. Beautiful. You might even go so far as to think they’re organized.

Then you dig in.

Drawers explode upon opening. The drawers may not open at all from being over-stuffed with things. Open a closet too quickly, and the contents may fall into a hot mess on top of you. Cabinets seem to have been arranged by a group of evil circus clowns on a drunken bender.

We won’t even mention the “spare room of doom.”

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