Makeover: Fastest Closet Evah

This just goes to show that you can go from hives to happy in just one hour. You only need to be ready to let go and make some quick decisions. My client called me that morning. "Are you coming over today?"

"Hell yeah, I am."

Hesitant..."OK. I'm nervous about this closet. I'm breaking out in hives just thinking about it."

Who can blame her?

Closet Before 1

Closet Before 2

I told her not to worry about it and that I'd see her in a few hours.

As we open the door and she looks freaked, I look at her and say, "Alright. So here's how this shit is going down."

She laughed and asked if she could film me saying that. Even offered to put it up on my website.

"Not without makeup you don't."

So here's how it went down:

We started in the front at the top of the pile that lead to the floor. I'd hand her an object and she put it in a pile for one of 5 categories:

  • trash
  • yard sale (There was already a specific date set.)
  • back into the closet
  • storage (Yeeeessss, we all know how much I hate them. She's selling her home so it's ONLY until they move into the new house. She knows that: 1.) only the things she absolutely loves and needs in the new home will go into the storage unit and 2.) I'll taunt her mercilessly after the move if she doesn't ditch it.)
  • lives in another room

Once I hit floor working on the front half of the pile, I moved my way down the back half of the pile. From there, I moved onto the shelves. I cleared off the eye level shelf, then the shelves above, then the shelves below. I worked one shelf at a time until it was cleared before moving on to the next shelf, continuing to hand her items one at a time while she made decisions.

For our next trick, we vacuumed. We'd have wiped down the shelves but didn't need to since they're wire.

Lastly, we put the remaining items back. The top shelves house rarely used items and the most used items are at eye level. Really heavy items as well as items for the little people are easy to grab at the bottom.


Closet After 1

Closet After 2

After I left, my client moved in a few more items now that she had a properly working closet again:

After the after

Total hands on time?


Yep Sushines, only one hour to go from hives to happy. And she was seriously happy. She just stared into the fresh closet and said over and over, "I'm so happy."

I am too.

Hall Closet 1 wm

Hall Closet 2 wm

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