Quick Tip: The Simple Mistake Damn Near Everyone Makes

The Simple Mistake Everyone Makes - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous BlogMy clients will tell you that by and large, I'm pretty even keel. I've seen the dirty secrets. I hear the nasty stories. No matter what I see and hear, it's met with zero judgment. I make jokes and tell stories to lighten moods. In pantries, finding the oldest expiration date is a contest. When my clients don't do their homework, it's no big deal. There's never any punishment. Hell, I even stop doling out the homework assignments when I can tell my client will never do them anyway. I'd rather do that and prevent the guilt-tripping and mental-beration that always comes with the "missed" homework assignments. However, there's one thing that will bring on a touch of redheaded rant every. single. time.

And really, I get so bothered by this because it's the mistake everyone makes no matter what I say, assign as homework, etc. And it's the single thing you can do to make yourself feel better instantly.


In a process that you wish was done yesterday, feels like it can take for-ev-ah, and there can be quite a while before you get to the final payout, don't you want to feel something instantly???


So here it is:

When you start to get a pile of donations going...


Yes, that needs an all-caps, bright red moment. I just wish I could have made the words a bit bigger.

Get the piles of donations out of the freakin house!!!!! I don't care about the B.S. excuse that other things will have to go too. I know. And you'll make another trip when it happens. And you'll keep making trips until you're done. And you'll make regular trips after that to make sure that a whole hot mess of clutter doesn't eat your house again.

Here’s the thing. The whole point of the work is to clear out the clutter and create space. So that pile that you’re staring at? That you keep telling yourself you’re donating so it doesn't really exist? It does exist and it’s still clutter until it’s gone. Your brain can’t tell the difference. Every time you see the pile(s), you take extra mental energy to tell yourself that it isn’t “really” there. However, the body knows you’re lying so it continues to create the anxiety and other negative emotions associated with too much clutter.  That's just how the body operates.

So stop it. Suck it up and drop off your donations. Make friends with the workers there. Many of my clients say they’re embarrassed that they know the people’s names. I, however, think it’s fabulous. Whoever benefits from your unused goods does to. When you start the process of letting go of clutter, commit to a minimum of at least one weekly trip (more if you need it) to the donation drop of your choosing. It'll be fabulous energy and karma for everyone involved.

Know what else will be fabulous? All that space you'll create in your home, head and body when you actually get the stuff out of your house and drop it off.