Things I Love: Walk Me Up

Walk Me Up Logo If you have issues waking up in the morning and use your phone as an alarm clock, I have *THE* app for you.

Walk Me Up.

This thing is fabulous. You have to walk around to turn it off. Don't even try to shake it.

Or do.

I got a good laugh when it told me to stop shaking the phone and then reset itself back to zero steps.

There's even an "evil mode" where it removes the option for hitting a snooze button.

Evil indeed.

I've only used it a couple of times so far but I love it. I usually don't set an alarm so when I do it can be challenging to get my ass out of bed. This is perfect for getting me up and moving.

Pro tip: Setting the alarm noise to something you don't hate otherwise you'll end up walking around the room cranky. Don't be a cranky-pants.

For my iPhone users, this one is Android only. Don't feel bad. There are TONS of other apps that are iPhone only. Welcome to our world. There's a cocktail at the end of the bar to soothe you.

(For the record, I was neither asked nor have not been paid to say any of this. I just dig it and wanted to share.)