Quick Tip: Plastic Bags Suck

What does a professional organizer do over a long weekend? Weeds out her own home.

Bus man's holiday? Naaaaah. I have a birthday looming and always like to create some space for my personal new year.

Something I always tell clients is that if there's something that you hate every time you see it, fix it. Every time I open up my "bag drawer," it pisses me off. The plastic bags are out. of. control. Take a looksie for yourself:

Drawer o plasic bags

Hot mess, huh?

So I decided it was time to take my own advice and fix it! (In truth, it was totally a feng shui attack.) I pulled out all the plastic bags and threw them on the floor in front of the tv. Then I grabbed a cup of coffee, put on a fave tv show and got to work.

First, I checked the bag for holes and tossed any that were damaged. With the good ones, I used the flag fold. (Thank you, Girl Scouts.)

Flatten the bag and make sure to get as much air out as possible.


Next, fold the bag in half, length-wise.


And again.


Press out as much air as possible and fold the handle end up. I liked to hold my finger across the end so too much air wouldn't sneak back in. This is very important later.


For my next trick, I folded one corner up to the edge of the other side to start forming a triangle.


Then took the bottom corner and folded it up.


Continue folding it over itself until you get to the end. Then tuck the end into one of the "pockets" made by the wrapping action.

And voila!


Once it was done, I put them all back in the drawer. The difference in amount of space it takes up is HUUUUGE.


Sometimes when it comes to organizing, it's really all about efficient use of space.

Flag folding plastic baggies

Since posting the above picture on the interwebs, I've had a few friends tell me they did this with their bags too and love it!

Did it take some time to set this all up? Yes. Will it take a little more time to fold a bag before putting it into the drawer instead of just throwing it in? Yes.

Does it help my sanity that this drawer doesn't assault my eyes every time I open it? Yes.

Worth it. Totally worth it.

To recap:

Fold plastic baggies flag style to take up less space. - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous blog

Once the bags are finished, there are a myriad of ways to store them. You can stored them in a drawer as I have done or use an empty Kleenex box or jar. If I didn't have the drawer, I'd probably have wrapped a large jar in contact paper and kept them in that on my counter top.

How do you store your plastic baggies?