Things I Love: Rescue Remedy

Rescue RemedyDisclaimer before we get started today: I'm NOT a doctor. If you're on medications or have serious medical issues, check with your doctor about this first. Use your brain wisely, Sunshine. Now that that's out of the way.

I discovered Bach's Rescue Remedy while I was an event planner. Planning 80+ events per year with 100-1000s of people can be a touch on the stressful side. (Insert sarcastic smirk here.) There's only so much that exercise and vodka can relieve...sometimes you need a little extra help. Not to mention that it wasn't like I could drop everything and start running or martini-ing when my day would go sideways. If the morning blew up, I could have breakfast for lunch and pretend to start my day over. Not much you can do in the afternoon but wait it out until happy hour.

Not really a successful strategy.

I'd seen ads for Rescue Remedy but had never bought it. It seemed a little pricey for such a small bottle. I can now, however, tell you that it is worth every. single. penny. This stuff is glorious. It just smooths the edges in a totally natural, non-addictive way. It comes in a few different forms so you can choose the delivery system that's best for you. The spray is my personal favorite. Even though I'm nowhere near as stressed out as I used to be, I still keep a bottle in my purse should the need arise. It also allows me to show my particularly anxiety-ridden clients what it is and let them take it for a test drive if they so choose. If you have a high stress life or are just particularly wound up in general, take it for a trial run yourself.

I LOVE this stuff!

Have you ever used Rescue Remedy or any of the other Bach Flower Remedies? What do you think?