Quick Tip: Blanket Permission

Give yourself permission - Organizing with a Side of FabulousThis is a post you may want to bookmark and come back to when necessary. Feel free to apply as often as needed. For the vast majority of my clients, I find that really all they need is permission.

Permission to let go of what doesn't serve them.

Permission to let go of the guilt. Guilt because it was a gift, or expensive, or my father's collection that he moved around from house to house for umpteen decades, or because it's useful.

Everything is useful in the right situation. That doesn't mean you'll ever find yourself in that particular situation.

Or that those collections moved around for umpteen decades need to be collections that you take on as your own, then pass on to your children when you die, continuing the circle until someone screams, "ENOUGH!"

Sometimes my clients just need permission to feel what they're feeling, let go of what makes them feel bad and step into who they want to be.

Maybe they need permission to let go of the past life full of turmoil.

Maybe they need permission to create space for their next step, even when they're unsure of what that is.

I'll never forget one of my first clients. As we were going through her things I'd ask, "What is the first thing you think when you see this?" She'd reply, "It was from my mother and I don't like her very much."

"Well darling, if you don't like her, why in the hell would you keep something in your house that would make you feel bad."

She tossed the item and there was an instant light in her face. As she continued tossing things she says that she's realized that really all she needed was permission to let go of this stuff. Later she shows me a dusty, old, plastic model plane that was broken. She holds it out and very excitedly says, "This was my father's and I hated him. It's hideous, broken and filthy. Tell me to throw it away!"

"Sweetheart, I don't have to tell you anything now. You know what to do." With that she dive-bombs it into the trash and laughs like a little girl. From the beginning of our day to the end she was a different person. I got an email the next day that she slept better and longer that night than she had in years.

Allowing yourself the permission to get rid of anything you don't need - physical, emotional, mental - is glorious.

Life is full of transitions. In these we must let go of what no longer is, embrace what currently is and make space for what we want to create. This is how we maintain a clutter-free existence.

Too often, we don't give ourselves permission to do that so I make sure my clients always know they have it.

You do too.

Are you not giving yourself permission to do something? Let go of what you don't need? Let go of the guilt? Let go of whatever it is that really just needs to be called "bullshit" and then moved on from?

Here it is, your blanket permission to let go of whatever you need to, GUILT-FREE, to make space for what you truly want and to be who you truly are.

What are you hanging on to because you haven't given yourself permission? Can you let go of that today?