What to Look for in a Pro: Originality

Be original. Copycatting is for suckers. I'm often asked what people should look for when hiring a professional organizer. I've already hit on many points here.

Today I want to add another quality to that list:


See, here's the thing - we all say *basically* the same thing - some version of sort, purge, put back. We all troll Pinterest for ideas. We ask our colleagues for help with particular problems we're having. We follow their social media and share the good stuff. We're reading all those articles and books along with you.

Professional development is a fabulous thing.

But we then HAVE to be able to put our own spin on it. So when you're hiring someone, it's important that the professional is an original that can put their own twist onto the same old, same old to make it work for you.

How can you tell if someone is being an original?


When you look at their website vs. Twitter vs. Facebook vs. blog vs. advertising vs. everything else that they're putting out there, does it all sound and feel similar? When you speak to them on the phone, does it sound like the same person you read? In this day and age, it's easy to put together a slick internet presence. It's even easier to steal someone else's words (no matter how illegal.) However, the person that's not an original will not be able to remain consistent. It's not authentic to their personality, so unless they're an amazing actress (in which case, they're in the wrong industry) or reading from a script all the time (bo-ring), the real them will slip out eventually.

And if they have to fake the online presence, the real thing may just be a dud.

Who wants a dud helping them through an already tedious process??

Find the original personality that meshes with your personality, has strengths to your weaknesses and/or contains qualities that you want to cultivate in yourself. Have your questions ready...the original and consummate professional will always welcome them.

The dud doesn't want to be found out.

And that's just not fabulous, Sunshine.

You deserve to have an original personality with creative ideas helping you take control over your clutter.