The Most Offensive 4-Letter F-word Evah

Photo by Tracy Nachelle Photography I told my yoga teacher about a new project that, if I do well, will open gianormous doors.

Me: I’m nervous.

Yoga teacher: Of course you are. It’s growth.

Last time, I told you to acknowledge your emotions as part of lighting a fire and taking action. As I typed the word “fear,” I knew it needed its own article since it’s what most often holds us back.

When you really dig in, you’ll notice that many issues are rooted in fear. Anxiety, procrastination, and lame excuses all can be signals. However, unless fear is protecting you from death or injury, it’s only holding you back. Sure, we’re afraid of the unknown or change (even for the better), but that doesn’t really serve us.

So here’s fear, pouring whiskey down the throat of action. It doesn’t even have the decency to pick a good whiskey! Noooo, it’s pouring rotgut because you’re comfortable anyway, right? Stuck in the clutter, the indecision, the procrastination. Stuck not creating the home and life you want.

Sunshine, that’s just not fabulous.

If we do nothing, fear will continue to pour the cheap whiskey, refusing to leave the party.

So how do we invite it to get the hell out of our party?

Here are six ways to start engraving that invitation:

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