Makeover: Spare Office/School Supplies Closet

Summer is the perfect time to get your school/office supplies closet in order. This will allow you to see everything you have, toss what's been "over-loved" and only purchase what you need for the upcoming school year.

Before: Supply closet beforeSupply Closet before

Folders - ROYGBIV style

We pulled everything out and sorted like with like. From there, we tossed everything that had seen better days and/or would never be used again. With the remaining, We container-ed everybody up in a way that made good sense. This client has two boys so it's especially important that it all remained simple - if it isn't sports related, the boys don't care!

I even had a bit of an OCD ROY.G.BIV moment with the folders (see right)

After everything had been container-ed up, I put everything back into the closet. Most used would go to eye level with the less often it being used going towards the top and bottom.



Supply Closet AfterSupply Closet After

Total hands on time: 2 hours. No additional purchases were necessary.

Utility-School Supplies Closet - TopUtility-School Supplies Closet - Bottom