Quick Tip: Is That Bulk Purchase Really a Deal?

This Quick Tip post comes courtesy my most recent trip to Target. Now in general through advertising, et. al., we've been lead to believe that when we buy more, we get a better price. That's what keeps the bulk stores in business right? It's also what has played a hand in many of my clients' clutter situations. So as I stood in front of the toilet paper section at Target, I mentally debated between the 6-roll and the 9-roll packages. I have space for both. The 6-roll will have me purchasing sooner than the 9-roll but it's not hitting Target is a rarity.

So I looked at price: 6-roll 6 Roll Charmin

vs. 9-roll.

9 Roll CharminThen I wondered, "If I'm going to base on price then let's get serious about it."

And I busted out the calculator.

6-roll worked out to $1.30 per roll while the 9-roll worked out to $1.33.


Wasn't more supposed to cost less?

That's what we've been led to believe but that isn't necessarily the case. Obviously.

The next time that you're buying bulk due strictly to cost, take a moment to do the math. You may not be saving any money at all.

Do you buy in bulk? If so, do you do it because you go through that much of whatever or because it's more economical? If you're going on pure economy, have you done the math just to make sure?