From "it" to "It!"

The other day, a former client of mine sent me an email with a suggestion for a blog post. She had recently found the right replacement for something she loved but had to get rid of due to too much wear and tear. With her waiting process complete and fantastic replacement acquired, she thought that waiting for just the right replacement instead of buying willy-nilly would make a great blog post. I did too and asked if she'd like to write the post instead. When you're up to your eyeballs in hot mess, sometimes it's more helpful when you hear from people who have been where you are, dug themselves out and have made it to the other side. Sweet Barbara's home was in a serious state of chaos and clutter when we first met. Now that her home is clutter-free, she fiercely protects and maintains it. The best part is that the free space has allowed her the room to work on starting up a crafting business - Made by Creation. She does fabulous work and I'm very proud of her! Take it away, Barbara!


Photo by Maeghan Tintari via Creative Commons License

Well, I just received a most shocking invite from Melinda to be a guest blogger on her page. Will change ever stop? I hope not.

And here’s why. A few years back Ms. Melinda found me sitting in a chair, with something close to pajamas on. She listened. My Mother had unexpectedly died the weekend we moved, a family member in my home had freaked (now greatly better), and I had kept paper/stuff for years. Depression had set in.  I was originally following the directions of professionals to keep track of it all. It created a mindset of “keeping”and keep I did. Me break a rule? Never.

Um…except there was stuff everywhere and I couldn’t move.  In my heart or with the stuff.

"Like with like," she said and I moved to follow her little rule. Piles of stuff were everywhere now. "Great," I thought after she left, "Instead of one big massive @#$%-pile everywhere now it’s multiplied into more piles." She came back, happy that I’d made more piles. I felt like a mole.

Then the chucking began. Trash, Give, Keep. And good luck with that Keeping thing. She'd give me a look for that somewhere along the lines of “Is the meaning of your life based on your keeping this item?” I didn't keep much.

The like with like piles then started to need a place to live. Since enough was trashed (to my great relief and I secretly wildly trashed more stuff when she wasn’t here) there was room.  This was the creating part which I liked much better.  My home was now my own and it was time for it to rejuvenate me in the living of my life. A lot of me was spent caring for others to the detriment of my own soul. The stuff was a mere reflection of that old life.

We created, Melinda said her goodbyes, and I went on. Kept tweaking, had the Trash, Give, Keep pattern in my brain and used it. My home was filled with treasures and one of them was this magnificent red purse. I really, really liked it. Then the handle broke and I repaired it. The repair didn’t work and there wasn’t a fix. I threw it out.

I missed it. Didn’t realize I would. It was my holiday purse and there were so many compliments on my gorgeous purse. I hunted and the ugliest assortment of red purses in existence was all I could find last year. It was time to let it go.

Then last week, because I wanted a little fun out of the house, I did a little adventuring. Never go to malls (aghast) or normal places. But it was there waiting for me…

The Red Replacement Purse.

And no, I am not going to show you a picture. Wait till December dahling……..

So that’s my "it" (its trash) to “It!” my one beautiful red holiday purse that I will use all December.

You’re worth the loveliness of your own designed life. So wait and it will come in time.

My life is now mostly this—useful, then beautiful. Feel free to say hello anytime.


Thanks for sharing, Barbara! Can't wait to see that fabulous, new, red purse!