Sentimental Is Fabulous When You Mean It, or: My Dance Shoes are My War Buddies

My War BuddiesWhen someone first comes to me, there is usually a little to a LOT of anxiety that I’m going to make them get rid of everything. This is, of course, never the case and I always joke with them that I’m not “a completely heartless witch.” Even if gingers are rumored not to have souls.

Sentimental attachments are perfectly fine. It can be absolutely fabulous to hang onto something purely for sentiment. What isn’t fabulous is letting these attachments and things clutter up your home and get in the way of daily life.

To hold onto an item due to pure sentiment, it must evoke only the most positive of feelings. Negative juju does NOT get to take up valuable real estate in our homes.

The other week I read a beautiful article on the men who make professional pointe shoes. (Ballet shoes for those not fluent in dance.) It got me thinking about my own professional ballroom dance shoes (tucked away in the bottom of my closet for years now) continue reading on She Owns It...