Makeover: Closet Transformation

I love completely transforming a closet. I've seen so many pictures and blogs about turning a random closet into a make-up vanity, office and even bar. So I was SUPER excited when one of my clients wanted to turn her closet of random into a study station. She didn't need the closet for clothing, but as a med student she did need an area for studying. This closet seemed like the best place and it worked out beautifully. Before:

Closet Makeover Before - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous

First, we had to remove everything from the closet. Many things got tossed or donated and the remained was relocated to other areas in the house. Next, we removed the doors from the closet. There is a LOT of dead-space on either side of the closet opening so they slid right in to each side.

Side note - these doors were HEAVY. Enlist a helper if need be. Injuries aren't allowed on my watch.

Next step was to bring in the desk, bookshelf and storage bins. On the left-side dead space of the closet, we have stackable open storage bins for household surplus like light bulbs. In the right-side dead space we have a bookshelf. Both of these face towards the center. We brought in all of my clients school and study supplies as well as pulled the medical books from her bookshelves. (Girlfriend has a LOT of books. This also opened up the bookshelves enough to be significantly less messy.)

Once everything was gathered, we started arranging. Most books when into the bookshelf and those that didn't went onto the shelf above the desk. (Along with some fun decorative items.) I arranged the desk according to usage: daily use items with easiest access, the less used, the further out it could be. Then everything was set.

After I left, my client did some more rearranging and futzing to make everything work perfectly for her. Once she was happy with it, she sent me her after:

Closet Makeover After - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous

Hands on time: 6 hours. (I got ball rolling on removal/decisions on closet randomness. Then client finished that part on her own as well as bringing in the storage, bookshelf and desk. We worked together on door removal and working through the books and setting up the space. She then did some more tszujing and rearranging on her own.)

Closet makeover - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous