Lame Excuse: I'm Changing Out Closets

Discarded Clothing Pile There is a difference between a reason and an excuse. From time to time, I'm going to blow apart popular but lame excuses I hear so we can move past them, let go of the excess and get organized. ****************************************

Since we're getting into "closet changing season" for parts of the country (not in North Texas where highs are still in the upper 90s) I want to debunk a lame, cluttered excuse I get from time to time:

I'm changing out my closets.

That's fabulous, Sunshine. However, it doesn't take *that* long (one client told me she'd been doing it for other words, she was still on the prior season change-out...if not really earlier than that) and it sure as hell shouldn't take over your entire house.

Let's call this one what it really is - I haven't weeded through my clothes in decades so there is no longer room to properly store my clothes.

This ends here.

Following is how to change out your closets in a timely and organized manner:

1. Start by weeding and organizing the current clothes. This may sound counterproductive but it isn't. It will help you store the clothing in a more organized way so that all future change-outs are easier. Plus, there is NO need to store clothing you haven't worn and won't wear again. Check here for my recommended guidelines on what to keep and what to toss. If you have a small closet, you can pull everything out while you do this. If you don't then I HIGHLY recommend that you do NOT pull everything out yet. It becomes entirely too overwhelming. In these cases, start at one end of the closet rod and work piece by piece asking yourself "stay or go." Once you have removed everything you no longer need and created space, then pairing clothing like with like. Once everyone is sorted like with like, then we can remove everything to make space for the new season's clothes coming in.

Pro tip: rent clothing racks if you have a lot of clothes. It keeps things much neater while you go through the process. Remember, we're not using this change out as a lame excuse of why our home is a hot mess!

2. Bring in the new season's clothes. As you start unpacking, take a few minutes to examine each article and decide if it gets to live another season in your closet or if it needs to find a new home with a friend, as a donation or in the trash. Follow the same guidelines as before. Then with the keepers, sort them like with like: tops, pants, jeans, dresses, skirts, etc.

3. Arrange clothes in closet and drawers. I'm personally a fan of keeping my tops together by sleeve length and then in order from light to dark. Is it a little over the top? Sure. But it makes finding what I'm specifically looking for SO much quicker when I'm getting dressed. Same goes for dresses. Skirts are grouped short and long, light to dark as well. i.e. short skirts, light to dark, long skirts light to dark. Same goes for pants and all other categories of clothing.

4. Take time to properly pack up the out-of-season clothing. Bins that critters can't get into. Hanging bags that critters can't get into. Moth balls. Cedar chips. If they're living in an out of the way closet, take the time to hang them in the same organized fashion as your main closet. This makes changing out the closets a SNAP when it comes time to swap closets next season change.

5. Pour yourself a cocktail or beverage of choice and celebrate that swapping the seasonal clothing hasn't exploded into a hot mess all over your bedroom.

What do you do to make the seasonal changing of clothes easier?