Lame Excuse: I Won't be Able to Find Anything

There is a difference between a reason and an excuse. From time to time, I’m going to blow apart popular but lame excuses I hear so we can move past them, let go of the excess and get organized.****************************************

I won't be able to find anything."I won't be able to find anything" is a lame excuse that I've heard from time to time, but I never paid it too much attention. It's almost as if the excuse is SO lame that I couldn't even be bothered to register how ridiculous it is.

Until it came out of the mouth of my now-ex computer guy.

Today is calling b.s. on this lame excuse with a bonus lesson in how extreme disorganization + lame excuses = lost business (or career harm).

Quite a few months back I was doing some late-night writing and may or may not have had a glass of wine to go with. As I reached to get something, my sleeve caught the glass and decided my laptop needed a drink too.

It was a lovely red that should be shared.

However, it appears my laptop is a teetotaler and did not appreciate the beverage thrust upon it's mouse pad.

First thing the next morning, I take my laptop to the computer shop. The computer guy says they'll call when he knows something. He never calls so I call him and he tells me he'd lost my number. My laptop is safe to use while we wait on a new mouse pad. Fabulous. I pick up the laptop and go about my own merry little way.

To now make a really long story short, over the course of the next 2 1/2 months he took my number and lost it multiple times. He ordered the wrong part twice. Before we knew he'd ordered the wrong part yet again, I was in store while he wasted 20 minutes trying to find said part. As he searches the shop high and low for my part, I joke that I know a girl that can help get him organized.

"Then I'll never be able to find anything."

That's when I knew that this lame excuse needed to become an educational experience for my blog readers.

There is such a thing as organized chaos. I know plenty of people that prefer and thrive in a bit of chaos. They can still find exactly what they need, when they need it with a minimum of time and effort. They can still take care of their job. This is the true point of organization. However, if you say you won't be able to find anything when you already can't find anything, dump the lame excuse and face facts: you can't find anything NOW. If you created an organizational system that fits your needs, you WOULD be able to find everything.

And this guy would have a customer that praised him and recommended him to everyone instead of turning him into an example of what not to do.

Do you truly thrive with a bit of chaos around you? Or are you kidding yourself in thinking that you'll never be able to find anything when, in truth, you can't find anything to begin with?