Do What You Can With What You Have

Chill OutSo it's fall and because I apparently don't have enough to do on top of running the business, helping clients, writing articles, writing books and maintaining a social life, I've been participating in three challenges. I just finished the "Be the Change Challenge" with my local yoga studio - consisting of a minimum of 4 classes per week, fabulous workshops and general good will to make ourselves better so that we can "be the change we wish to see in the world," a la the famous Gandhi quote. Then for the entire month of October I'm participating in the October Unprocessed Challenge with Eating Rules and then also a 30 day green smoothie a day challenge with Simple Green Smoothies. A recurring theme is popping up in comments and questions across the board: nothing seems like it's enough or that something is wrong. Loooots of nit-picking. One woman bitching because someone put baby carrots in their smoothie. "Those are full of chemicals." Someone else calling their own Starbucks a "cup of poison." Someone else that donated 3 huge grocery bags of foods she wasn't going to eat to a single mom of 3 yet feeling bad because it wasn't organic.

It's time to chill out, Sunshines.

As the saying goes: do the best you can with what you have and where you are.

If you can do it, do it. If you can't and you didn't kill anyone lighten up because guess what? That guilt, blame, shame and stress is most likely worse for you than whatever menial transgression you just committed.

NONE of us are perfect. Perfection is bullshit anyway so cut yourself some freakin' slack! While you're at it, quit bitching when someone else isn't perfect.

Switching to a healthier lifestyle, much like organizing a significantly cluttered home, takes time. Old habits will be slipped back into like those old man sweats you've had for 20 years. They're ratty and you know you should dump them for good, but sweet baby Jesus it feels so go when you put them on. Or maybe it's that you want to dive face first into carbs and booze when you get some bad or stressful news. Or maybe you've had a long day so you don't clean up after dinner for the day...or the week. But then we open our eyes, see ourselves in the ratty sweatpants in the mirror, or feel our carb/booze hangover, or smell our five-day dinner mess, and get it back together.

No harm. No foul. It's all good as long as you get it back together...whenever that happens.

Just because you know more or don't have clutter anymore or are further along in strengthening good habits doesn't give you license to be condescending and pick on others. Would you have appreciated that when you first started???

And if the negative talk is all self-inflicted? CUT IT OUT!!!!! That won't do a single good thing for you.

So if you're bombarded by clutter due to illness, Do what you can. Kids, work, lots of things vying for your time? Do what you can. Insist on wearing your ratty, old man sweatpants outside of the house.

Weeeeellll...I can't recommend that. Best to keep that habit to "house-only."

But other than that, do what you can.

And that will be enough.