Balance Can Fall on its Ear

Balance is BullshitAs someone who considers herself quite the yoga girl, I'm about to say something that could be considered sacrilege. "Balance" as in "It's all about balance" is kinda bullshit.

Now I too have said it. A lot really. And now I'm saying that's a load of crap. The idea of it is awesome. The execution leaves something to be desired so the result just jacks with your head. Jacks with your head because it sets you up to believe it's possible. To believe that others have achieved it. But it's just not the way.

Hear me out.

The wording is all wonky. "Balance" implies 50/50 but the sheer nature of how a typical day is set up already tips off the scales.

So let's say you work 8 hours and you get in the recommended 8 hours of sleep. You have 8 hours left. Of this we have to chip away time for commute. Time to get ready for said work. Time to unwind from said work day. At least a few minutes to upkeep the home.

You are spending a little time to upkeep your home daily, right? Or at least spending some time to get rid of what you don't need any more, right?


Well, if you're not then get on it! Those that do can vouch for me on this one.

So my point here is that the whole notion of 50/50 is already shot to hell in a lovingly decorated hand basket.

We need another way.

Instead, find what makes you happy. What fulfills you? What sets your hair on fire? What is so awesome that it keeps you up at night and wakes your tushie up first thing in the morning? If it isn't your work, then these are the side-activities that will power you through less-than-splendid work situations until you can do work that makes you happy. As a friend with two jobs says - one feeds his soul, the other pays his bills.

Find and DO what will feed you and help you push through the less-than-splendid parts of life. They'll also help energize you while you're letting go of your clutter. Ask yourself, what do I love? What do I want to do with the cleared space once I create it?

Then get to creating, Sunshines!