Reason to get Organized: In Case of Emergency

We hear the same reasons to get organized all the time: saves time, money, energy, blahblahblah. From time to time, I'll give you real world reasons why you should light the fire under your toucas and get organized once and for all.

In Case of Emergency

In Case of Emergency

A few weeks ago, I totaled my car. (I'm OK. Far more OK than I should be really. I can personally attest to the Honda Civic 5-star front crash ratings. Thank  you for making a kick ass car, Honda!) Once the car was put out (it may or may not have caught on fire...I don't know. I was pulled out and it was doused REALLY quickly - Thank you Fort Worth Police Department!), and I was checked out (Thank you Fort Worth Fire and MedStar!), there was a LOT of downtime while I waited on my Dad and a tow truck to pick up my newly trashed car and I.

If you were on Southbound I35W that particular rush hour home, apologies. I'm the gal that jacked up your commute.

While still on the scene and from insurance after, the most often asked question after "Are you OK?" was "Have you gathered all your personal belongings?"

Now I'm lucky. Being the organized gal that I am I keep very little in the car. A few CDs and mementos in the glove box. A few reusable shopping bags in the back seat. I discard any trash every time I get gas. (HIGHLY recommend doing that.) And we already know there's scant little junk in my trunk.  There were a few other items that I decided could die in the car with it, but that's it. All in all, it was just a few minutes to have everything bagged up and ready to pop into Dad's truck when he arrived.

Which was good because the airbag skinned my wrist so I was working with a gimp hand on top of it.

So as I sat on the side of the freeway, waiting, I couldn't help but think: all in all, that was fairly easy. However, for many of my clients and random cars I've seen/been in, that teeny process alone would ABSOLUTELY SUCK. Once client I worked with took OVER AN HOUR to clean out her car. And that was in optimal user conditions. Add in the shock, mental trauma, physical pain (and possibly injury), panic and every other crazy, jumbled emotion of getting into a major car accident and you could be in a massive world of "Why did I never deal with this ages ago???"

So naturally I knew I'd have to blog it for y'all.

Tornado's coming. Are you able to grab everything you need? Building is on fire. Can you grab what's most important and get the hell out of dodge? How quickly do you think you'd be able to unpack your car with other cars speeding past you on the freeway?

Here's the thing. In the end, it's just stuff. If it all gets tossed in a tornado or burned up in a fire and towed away forever in your dead car, it doesn't matter. You're here and that's what counts. But if you're hanging on to all of this "stuff" because it's so important, then you'll want to take it with you or at least locate the most important things. You can't do that if it's buried in other trash and crap you don't need.

Let go of what isn't serving you. Enjoy what is. What can you easily grab that's important in case of emergency?