Quick Tip: Embrace the Transitions

Transitioning with GraceIt's the start of a new year and with that comes the idea of this magical idea that everything is wiped clean and we're going to make all of these major changes. First off, I'm not here to put a damper on all of that. That's some fabulous energy and I wish more people understood you can conjure it up anytime you like. Yet for now, I'm offering up an idea to help you adjust to all the major changes that have already come your way. After all, not fully embracing and then adjusting to major life transitions is often the starting point for clutter issues.

My January article for She Owns It will expand upon this more but I couldn't resist giving you all a little teaser. (And of course I'll post that article once it's published over there.)

So for now, I give you this quick tip:

"I embrace all of the life transitions - good and bad - that have gotten me to this moment. I embrace the person I am right now - the fabulous as well as the less than splendid."

Repeat as necessary.

More to come soon...