Quick Tip: Binder Clips for Freezer Organization

Quick Tip: Binder Clips for Freezer Organization - A Side of Fabulous Blog

Every so often I have a flash that works out brilliantly. A few months back I got a new fridge/freezer. The freezer section has this one, teeny shelf. It's obviously created for someone who has boxed pizzas and such in their freezer. However, I pretty much only have frozen meats and fruits in mine so it created this dead space between my food and the shelf. Also, it was just hard to see what I had floating around in there. Every time I opened the freezer, I'd stare and wonder how I could make this work better. After all, I'm a professional dammit!

Then it hit me...

@@Binder clips will organize and even expand the freezer.@@

I looooooove me some binder clips and tend to use them for anything I can. So here I could hang them from the wires of the shelf and their purpose would be two-fold: keep my fruit bags closed while also making better use of the dead space. Not to mention how much easier it would be to see and retrieve whatever I need.

One side holds my open fruit bags and the other side holds my proteins. Since I'm usually only cooking for one I freeze all of my meats individually. Each binder clip holds a different type of protein.

And voila! A much happier freezer!

(Yes I keep a martini glass in my freezer. There's also a bottle of vodka in the freezer door. This is a civilized household, Sunshines.)

Want some brilliant flashes in your own home? I'd love to help. Get started today!