Things I Love: Unroll.Me

Unroll-MeWelcome to one of my new favorite things: I'll be the first to admit that it took me a LONG time to get on this bus. I'd read good things about it but I didn't originally see the biggest benefits. That is until two weeks ago when I sucked it up and unrolled. I, like most people, have a huge number of email subscriptions. They flood my inbox and being the super-organized, borderline OCD person that I am, would either deal with them as they happened, delete them instead of unsubscribe, or save them for later when I had time to read. I'm sure this sounds familiar. A few times I've embarked on trying to unsubscribe instead of delete. However, the reality is that while I'm away from my computer, I'll immediately delete unwanted emails from my phone so I don't have to deal with them later. They never get to the desktop so I never unsubscribe.

Efficient. But not effective long term. has changed all that. It's not without its caveats and glitches, but the negatives FAR outweigh the positives.


  • Super-simple and quick to use. Simply sign up. From there, they automatically scan your inbox for subscriptions. You then with a quick click decide if it stays in your inbox, gets unsubscribed, or goes into the "Rollup."
  • The Rollup email. This is a single email containing all of the information from the subscriptions you decided to send to the Rollup. When the email comes in, it is funneled into an "" folder in your inbox and the contents are copied to The Rollup. You then get one email instead of 50. You can also decide if you want to receive the Rollup morning, midday or evening. You can then scan through all the subscriptions at once, at your leisure. Again, if you want something to go to your inbox or to fully unsubscribe, it's just a quick click away.

Cons...though just technically because pain in the ass factor on all of these is minimal:

  • If, like me, you forward an email address such as or to Outlook, it doesn't always catch all the emails before they're forwarded.
  • If you get important emails and sales emails from the same company, you'll have to make a choice. You potentially don't see the important emails immediately or the sales emails still go to your inbox. Example: Vistaprint handles my company's proper website. So any inquiries from my webpage come as "Vistaprint." I'd sent Vistaprint to the Rollup because I don't purchase print often, but want one of their sales emails when I do. (They send these out almost daily.) So the next morning when I saw two client inquiries in the Rollup, that had to change immediately! Again, simple click fixed it all and I just delete the sales emails unless I'm about to make a print purchase.
  • Not all email subscriptions read as subscriptions to, so not everything can be filtered. Also, some regular emails read as subscriptions but simply clicking "keep in inbox" makes sure they stay where they're supposed to.
  • When scrolling through the windowpanes of the Rollup, the email image doesn't always go to the right email header. Clicking out and back in fixes it. So yeah, totally first world problem. (Really, they're all first world problems...we are talking email overload here.)

If your email inbox is overloaded with subscriptions, is a FABULOUS way to clean it up and get some of your precious time back without losing any valuable information. My inbox is so much easier to deal with now that I wish I'd done it sooner!

Do you use If not, do you use a different system? If so, what is it and how has it helped you?


UPDATE 4/28/2014 - You may run across issues if you're a Yahoo! mail user like I am. (Not all subscriptions being captured.) Customer service from Unroll.Me has been pretty good and I'm told that the problems are on the Yahoo end. I still think this is a great service but just wanted to warn my fellow Yahoo users so you don't think I'm recommending something ridiculous. I'll update again as I know more.