Things I Love: Todoist

On Monday I discussed how to create space in our to-do lists. Today, I'm going to tell you a little about the current app I use to do keep up with that.


I switched to Todoist a couple of months ago. My go-to list app for the last couple of years did a fine enough job, but every time they did an upgrade I would be without my information for an unknown amount of time. Or, in the case of the last upgrade, I could get to it from my phone but not my computer.

First world problems for sure, but I was nervous that in one of these upgrades they'd lose my info forever. Not. Fabulous.

So after doing some searching, I landed on Todoist. It has all sorts of features like sharing, adding due dates and getting email reminders, as well as upgrades with their premium service. I, however, keep my usage of it pretty simple.

What can I say, I really prefer a paper or white board to-do list which is where the majority of my professional to-dos are. But for my personal to-dos, I use a combo of white board and Todoist.

The design is simple and elegant. Overall usage is fairly intuitive. There are "projects" that are your main categories and then under each project you can add "tasks." For my home redecoration project, it's perfect for setting up what I want to do room by room. You can also indent certain tasks so your list is set up outline style. I mainly use the app for my errand lists, and it's perfect to come along with me at the grocery store or wherever I am.

As you mark things off your lists, you even earn karma points!

As I said, my usage of this is for basic needs. However, I love that you can break down the larger projects into smaller tasks - perfect for nixing procrastination and actually taking action on these tasks. And the sharing functions are great when you have a team working together on a project. I can easily see myself upgrading and using this app in different ways when I hire staff.

I know many love Evernote for lists and notekeeping. I've recently heard awesome things about and want to check that out as well. However, for right now, Todoist is fitting my needs just right.

What is your favorite way to keep track of your to-do lists?