Blog Search: Permission to be Fabulous

Permission to be Fabulous Recently someone came to my blog after using the search term "permission to be fabulous."

Well Sunshine, here it is.

Although the truth is you don't need permission from me or anyone else. The only person who has to give you the permission to be fabulous is yourself.

Now I get it. Sometimes that poses quite the challenge. Old friends may wonder who you are or what you've done with the duller version of you. They may be scared that you'll leave them. They may start calling you names or say you've jumped up on a sassy horse or gotten "too big for your britches."

Now there's a Southern phrase for you!

But here it is, Sunshine. That's all *their* issues. Not yours! Your REAL friends - as in true, loyal, only-want-the-best-for-you friends - will want to do better, be better and succeed and be FABULOUS. They will be excited to see you shine because as we shine, we allow others to be fabulous and shine with us!!!

To those that don't like it and would you prefer that you not be fabulous, I like to employ one of my favorite phrases from my advertising degree:

"You, my dear, are obviously not in my target market."

Will we always have the energy to be fabulous? Hell no! But sometimes curling up on the couch with some wine and a marathon session of our favorite TV show is pretty fabulous too. After all, we need proper rest to be properly fabulous.

Fabulous Exhaustion

So to the Sunshine out there looking for permission to be fabulous, wherever you are, here it is.

Not that you need permission from me...but I'm happy to give it.