Makeover: Junk Room to Home Office

Today's home makeover is brought to you by the letter "J" for "Junk Room." The before on this room is a little different from most junk rooms. Typically, the client doesn't have a goal set for a random room so it ends up being the dumping ground for everything. This particular junk room, on the other hand, started as an organized home office. However, my client was doing a full-blown redecoration of the entire home - this room included. Usually when we're redecorating we do it a bit piecemeal as we find new things.

This client is not a usual woman.

She decided to just dump everything she hated.

That turned out to be most of the room.

Because she had this full home redecoration project going on, this room became the staging ground for all the transitions taking place around the house. After the rest of her home was done, it was time to tackle what was now a full-blown junk room. Because it had been staging ground and transition space for so many other things,  when she looked at the room she was at a loss and no longer knew where to start.

And that's when she called me:

Home Office Before 1 - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous Blog

Home Office Before 2 - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous Blog

As with the majority of my really chaotic rooms, we started at the doorway and just made our way around the room.

Our first step was to make sense of the chaos. We sorted like with like: office supplies, filing, books, photos, etc. As we sorted, if there was anything that immediately came up that my client knew she didn't want then she went ahead and put it into the trash, recycle or piles for donation. We also pulled out all non-office related items.

Pro tip: once setting the goal of your room, remove all items that aren't associated with that goal. 

Once everything was sorted into its respective categories, my client went back through each pile and started purging anything else she didn't need.

Pro tip: Purging through paperwork is much easier while watching a movie and drinking a glass of wine. 

Once we were narrowed down to only the things my client needed, used, and loved, we mapped out how her new office would look. We wanted to set up the desk in the "power spot" which would be facing the door with the built-in bookshelf behind her.

(I love built-in bookshelves!)

The bookshelves would house media and certain office needs (in the lower right hand corner so they'd be hidden by the file cabinet when you first walk in the door), as well as photos, decorations and mementos. The new filing cabinet would sit on the wall to my client's left-hand side. The closet was already perfectly outfitted to store office supplies and excess photos, decorations and any other random storage.

From there, we started situating the things into the bookshelves and closet. This way we'd have the space to bring in the new furniture as well as a super-quick finish out with the remaining items.

Then it was time to shop! First things first was taking measurements. No use in falling in love with any pieces that weren't going to fit! After much online and in-person scouring, we found the perfect white desk and lateral filing cabinet. They were just the right size and style to have presence in the room without overwhelming the small space. We brought everything in (she'd set up a makeshift office in the dining room to get her through the transitions), set it all up and voila!


Home Office After 1 - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous Blog

Home Office After 2 - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous Blog


A whole new office!

Total hands on time: 15 hours

Junk Room to Home Office 1 - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous Blog

Junk Room to Home Office 2 - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous Blog