Get a Spotless, Organized "Insert Room Here"

Getting a Spotless Home.Prepare thyselves for a redheaded rant, Sunshines. I recently saw an article titled, “Get a Spotless, Organized Laundry Room.”

This, my darlings, is bullsh… A FULL-BLOWN LIE.

Unless you move out of your house, or never actually live in it ever again, you will NEVER have a spotless, organized ANYTHING in your house for more than a few minutes – ESPECIALLY if you actually use it!!! (Though you may get a few hours if you’re lucky, leave the house, or never enter the room – but what’s the purpose in that??)

Have I just burst every perfectionist’s bubble? I sure do hope so!

Sunshine, perfectionism will get you NOWHERE. Or as it says in one of my favorite videos...

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