She Owns It: A Tale of Two Homes or How Design Affects Organizing

Round library with fireplace, bar, hidden and open storage. Photo via Brants Realtors. Gather around Sunshines as I tell you a tale of two homes.

Home A is spacious. On the outset everything seems like it will work in good order. Then you try to function in it. There’s barely any storage. The roof angle cuts off the tops of upstairs closets. There aren’t drawers where you’d conveniently need them for organizational efficiency (i.e. – having a drawer for silverware near where you would logically put plates so that meal prep is quick and efficient.) The walls aren’t long enough for proper furniture placement.

In short, the design of the home SUCKS. It will take a LOT of creative wrangling and releasing of things to make this home function “well enough.”

Home B is spacious as well. However, the rooms are small and aren’t traditionally shaped. At first glance it would seem that you’ll never be able to fit all of your things. Then you dig in. Everywhere you turn there’s more storage built into the walls. What looks like interesting wall panels turn out to be large cabinets with fully adjustable shelves. Or narrow drawers so that you’ll never lose anything at the bottom of a drawer again. Even the bathrooms work around the pesky under-the-sink storage issues by having bins that angle out, thus avoiding having to organize around plumbing.

In short, the home is so impeccably designed that you may never have to get rid of anything ever again.

Not that I recommend that, Sunshine. After all, you still can’t take it with you.

So why am I telling you about these two homes?

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