Quick Tip: Be Kind to Yourself

via Creative Commons It's so easy to beat ourselves up, isn't it Sunshines?

But here it is, darling.

No. Good. Can. Come. Of. It.



All too often I hear my clients say horrible things about themselves and the state their home has devolved into. This, of course, just comes from the overwhelm and frustration they're feeling. Yet even when it's said under the guise of a joke, it erodes at their energy, heart, and head no less.

We beat ourselves up and feel bad so then we don't do anything about our home. Which makes us feel worse and beat ourselves up more. So then we continue to do nothing about our home. Which makes us feel bad. So we do even less. And beat ourselves up even more.

See the vicious cycle?

Instead of beating ourselves up over what's happened in the past and gotten us to this current state of our home, chose to accept it and move forward. Next, chose reasons and motivations that are positive instead of fear driven. Or reframe current fear-based reasons into positive ones.


  • Fear-based: I should clean up the house so I don't have the "oh shit" moment when someone unexpectedly comes by.
  • Positive reframe: I want to create a tidy and organized home so I can entertain friends and family in my home. Especially when it's unexpected company.

Both of these examples are valid and common among my clients. However, the reframed one makes you feel better. It empowers you to take action. The fear-based tends to land my clients in a state of overwhelm paralysis which is the exact opposite of how we should feel when taking action in our homes.

Fear driven and negative motivation only lasts for so long. And it sure as hell doesn't feel good along the way. Create positive reasons for why you want to let go of your clutter and organize your home. Then be kind to yourself throughout the process. It can be a slow one - especially if you have a lot of negative emotional juju to release. Being gentle on yourself will feel SOOOOOO much better through the process as well as help you make all of that hard work stick for the rest of your life!