Top Posts for 2014

via Creative Commons Tis the end of yet another year. Thank you all so much for being here and your comments and emails! My mission is to help as many people work through and let go of their clutter. So expect more things here on the blog and from Organizing with a Side of Fabulous in the upcoming year!

As for this year, here's what was most popular with you! Cheers, Sunshines!

Top 5 Posts from 2014.

  1. Quick Tip: Binder Clips for Freezer Organization
  2. Things I love: ToDoIst
  3. Makeover: Junk Room to Home Office
  4. Melinda Mae and Eating the Whale One Bite at a Time
  5. Gift Guilt: A Message for Gift-Givers and Receivers

Top 5 Popular Past Posts.

  1. Disorganized Boss? (2011)
  2. Makeover: The Kitchen Reckoning (2012) 
  3. Is It Time to Chill Out? (2013)
  4. Too Many Projects Have You Paralyzed (2011)
  5. Blackberry Bourbon Sauce (2011)

Thanks again for reading and cheers to 2014!