Articles on "Organizing Mistakes" can Suck It.

***Redheaded Rant Alert***

Redheaded Rant Alert - Organizing with a Side of FabulousThis morning I was going to start a little series on productivity in the new year. That is until I read an article this morning that pissed me the hell off.

Productivity can wait a sec.

This morning I came across an article titled "The 10 Organizing Mistakes You're Probably Making."

I was curious what this popular magazine came up with so of course I read on.

Their first mistake was calling anyone who read the article "borderline hoarders." The majority of my business is rehabilitating actual borderline hoarders and I can say with ease and assurance that the people reading the article and committing the "mistakes" are probably nowhere near "borderline" must less anywhere on the hoarder spectrum. On top of that, every "mistake" was accompanied by something mean to say about the reader.

The funny thing about these so-called mistakes - if we want to call it "funny" - is that I'm personally committing a couple of them. You probably are too. Matter of fact, I'd almost say that everyone who has ever made the effort to get organized has committed them.

I hate these articles that use meanness and fear to motivate. When you're disorganized, you have enough negativity taking up space in your head, heart, and home without some popular magazine you probably respect making you feel bad as well.

It's pure-D, grade-A bullshit and I refuse to accept it for you or me.

So here's the thing, Sunshines. There are no organizing mistakes - just things that don't work.  If you do something and you like the looks of it and it works well for you then VOILA! It's fabulous. If it doesn't work well for you, it wasn't a mistake. It was just something that didn't work. So change it until it does. And if that doesn't work? Still not a mistake. Just change it again. And again and again and again until you land on what works well for you. Then stick with it until it doesn't work anymore. Then change it again to something that does work.

(Spoiler alert: in my upcoming series on productivity, I'll walk you through my own process and how it's evolved over the years. Sometimes things don't work immediately. Sometimes things work until they don't anymore. I'll walk you through all of it.)

Before I started my first business, I was a massive perfectionist and always said "Failure is not an option." As I started my first business I said, "Failure is not an option." Then I quickly realized I was COMPLETELY wrong. Failure is ABSOLUTELY an option. The key is to fail fast, learn from it, then implement the lesson as you move forward. Too often I see people holding themselves back because they're afraid of making a mistake but Dude, it's just organizing. Getting organized never killed anyone...even if my clients like to joke that they think I'm trying to kill them.

If you need to let go of excess clutter and get organized, the only "mistake" you can make is to never take action. Start today by getting rid of at least 5 things you no longer need and you're already on your way. Not sure where to start? Contact me for help. I'm ready when you are.