Introducing New Services!

via Creative Commons License I'm SO excited to share these new services with you!!

If having me in your home hasn't been in the cards yet because you:

  • are too embarrassed to let someone in your home (not that it'd bother me but I get it)
  • live outside of the D/FW metroplex
  • haven't been able to afford my in-home services
  • just need a little motivation rather than a massive overhaul
  • aren't sure you're ready to full-blown dive in yet and would rather test the waters a little bit
  • or any other number of reasons

I've got you covered!

I'll now be offering virtual organizing services as well as something I'm super-excited about: my "Hot Mess Motivation Program."

Virtual Organizing

This is pretty much as it sounds - organizing virtually. Sessions are 55 minutes and scheduled once a week. We'll conduct these via Skype or phone and during this time I'll talk you through the process, answer any questions you have, address problems and assign homework to work on between sessions. Essentially, everything you get from having me in your home except I'm there through the magic of technology instead! If you live outside of the D/FW metroplex or aren't ready to let someone in your home yet, this is a great way to get you going.

Hot Mess Motivation Sessions

My clients say that the motivation and regular, weekly accountability they receive through working with me are two of the biggest factors to their success in letting go of clutter and staying organized for good.

This program offers 3 ways to receive this support:

  • Weekly email - At the beginning of each week I'll email you with questions, directions, tips, tricks and encouragement to help you reach your organizing goals.
  • Monthly 30 minute phone call – During this once-per-month phone call we’ll go over your questions, fix any problems, and continue to encourage and motivate you towards your goals.
  • Combination of email and phone call – You get both!

Whether you know you can do it yourself with a little direction and a kick in the pants, want some stress-free accountability and encouragement, or just want to test the waters to see if you're ready to make the switch to a clutter-free and organized life, this is a great way to get my help on a smaller scale.

With both programs - just as with my in-home services - you'll receive personalized organizational tips for the problem areas, unlimited email advice, and access to our all-new private FB group. I also offer savings for pre-purchasing time because I believe the more you commit to yourself, the more successful you'll be.

Interested in learning more? Email me at info {at} You can also use the contact form here. I look forward to working with you!