Messy vs. Tidy Desks

Tidy vs Messy Desk - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous Blog Recently I've read a number of articles citing studies on how messy desks cultivate creativity so make a big ole mess or tidy desks give a better impression so make sure you have a clean desk.



These articles are all well and good and if you need to kill a few minutes or are procrastinating but here's the bottom line:

How do you feel?

When your desk is tidy do you feel stifled or steady?

If your desk is a hot mess do you feel free or frazzled?

Two questions I ask my clients all the time are: Does this item/space make you happy? Does it bring you joy? If not, change it.

Articles like this are jacked because we all have a different clutter threshold. So screw what the studies and articles say and go with with makes you feel best.

Pro tip: for every article/study you read, you'll be able to easily find something to refute it. (This goes for pretty much any topic.) "How does that make you feel?" while trite shrink joke, works in most situations - especially those related to clutter. This item make you feel fabulous? Keep it. Make you feel guilty, crappy, or some other negative emotion? Get that out of your house pronto! Remember Sunshine, less than fabulous is just unacceptable. 

Now go create a work environment you'll feel good in!

(Need help with that? Contact me today.)