We can't do it all, see it all, live it all.

We can't do it all, see it all, live it all. - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous Blog
We can't do it all, see it all, live it all. - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous Blog

The other day I was reading an article written by the child of a hoarder. She described the conditions of her mom's home and how this was the last time she would ever spend the night in the home. At the end of the article, I skimmed the comments. Yes, this is the second post in a row where I mention reading the comments...which I KNOW better than to do...ESPECIALLY with situations like this.

I'm happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised to discover many well-written, well-informed comments! Hooray!

One that I paid particular attention to was from a hoarder. There was one sentence that struck me:

I see dust forming on things and wonder if I'll ever live long enough to use it all.

Sunshine, here's the answer to that in two words:

You won't.

None of us will. There is far too vast a world out there and far too many things, places, ideas, and more for any of us to be able to do it all.

And that's OK.

How can we get past this?

  • For starters, know that you can't do it all. Like the saying goes, "You can do anything but not everything." This should bring relief not anxiety. If it brings anxiety, remind yourself of this until it provides relief.
  • Think about what you want to prioritize in your life. What are the things that light you up? Make you happy? Bring sparkle? Set your hair on fire? Write them down and keep them somewhere prominent. These are your touchstones when you start to spiral out with things that don't matter as much.
  • Set goals - realistic ones but some crazy audacious ones too. Make sure these reflect your priorities. If they don't reflect your priorities, you're wasting time on junk that doesn't matter.

Then from here forward, compare everything to those priorities and goals. Activities you participate in. Groups you're a member of. People you're friends with. (Oh yeah. I went there. Some people are just toxic and will thwart your dreams.) The items in your home. Everything. Think to yourself, "Does this reflect my priorities and goals?" If not, let it go guilt free. This creates space for the things that will support your priorities and goals. Sometimes this means letting go of good things to make room for that fabulous right fit. It's good. It'll happen.

So remember, Sunshine. You can't do everything. Nobody can. We all have a finite amount of time on this earth so spend it wisely on the things that reflect your priorities and make you sparkle.

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