But I've already let go of so much!

A common complaint I hear from people is that they've already let go of so much, why do they have to let go of more? Well Sunshine, if your home still feels cluttered and unruly then you need to keep going. No matter how much you've already let go of. Even in an uncluttered home, there's always more.


Last week I attended a charity event. The entry price was to bring donations. I'm in a small, clutter-free home and had just done my routine spring weeding so didn't think I had anything to donate. I even told the lady that invited me that I'd just weeded everything out and didn't know that I'd have anything to offer. However, the afternoon of the event I decided to give it a good faith effort and go through my closets again. I set two guiding principles:

  • Does this present the image that I want?
  • Can someone else make better use of this than I am?

Then I got ruthless.

An hour later I had 3 bags full of donations.There's Always More You Can Let Go Of. - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous Blog

Pro tip: seasonal weed-outs help keep your home clutter free and organized. Once you're done with the big clutter release and set good organizational systems in place, subsequent weedings shouldn't take too long. Just a quick sweep to remove anything you don't need, use, and love then you're done!

When you're working through major amounts of clutter, don't look backward. You can keep track of how much you've let go of for posterity's sake and to congratulate yourself at the end but don't lament over it. It's defeating and a useless way to spend your energy. Instead, focus on how your home makes you feel. If you like where things are at then fabulous, you've let go of enough. If not, continue to release clutter until you feel good about your home. It doesn't matter how much has to be let go of to get there.

Are you frustrated that you've let go of clutter and aren't seeing progress? Or are you too overwhelmed to even know where to start? Contact me or buy "Fabulous Foothold to Organization: A guide for getting started when you don't know where to start" today!