Now Coaching on Coach.Me

Melinda Massie - Organizing and Productivity Coach for Coach.Me Have you heard about Coach.Me yet? Previously called Lift, it's an app and website that helps you keep track of your goals. It's no secret that I love a good to-do list. Much the way a to-do app can help you stay on top of the things you need to do, a goal-tracker app helps you keep track of new habits you want to develop. Within this program you can also set up reminders to help keep you on target. Keeping a tally of how much you've already accomplished is just as important to productivity and success as keeping track of what you need to do is. Coach.Me also covers pretty much any goal you want to set up for yourself from drinking more water to learning a new language to getting organized.

They also have a supportive community that you can ask questions of and support each other while everyone is on their way to accomplishing their goals. Another thing that makes this app great is that if you want additional or personalized support for your situation, you can hire a coach right through the app.

And I'm one of their coaches now! I support people these 6 goals:

  • Set Priorities for Your Day
  • Unclutter
  • 10 Minutes Organizing
  • Organize
  • Evening Tidy Up
  • Clean, Organize, Unclutter

Currently you can hire me for weekly coaching or for a 30 minute phone call. If you use the code: COACHME then you'll get your first coaching week free.

As a coach I can also create custom plans within the app so look for one or more coming soon!

As a special bonus, I'd like to offer anyone reading this post a copy of my e-book, "Fabulous Foothold to Organization: a guide for getting started when you don't know where to start." for free if you hire me through the Coach.Me app. After you've hired me, tell me "the champagne spills at dawn" for your copy.

So are you ready to get organized? Contact me directly, connect with me on, or buy "Fabulous Foothold to Organization" today!