Food Geek Friday: Time-Saving Prep Tip and Pizza Frittata

I'm preparing to write my next e-guide on meal planning for one so I have been doing quite a few different meal prep experiments recently. Also recently, my schedule has been more packed than usual. Which means two things:

  • More important than ever to prep so that I don't have to resort to unhealthy take-out.
  • Less time to prep.

Isn't that how things often try to go? However, I refuse to be thwarted.

Recently I wasn't able to get to my usual grocery shop and meal prep. If I don't have any prepped foods I almost always do something else because during the week - especially when I have a lot going on. I need E.A.S.Y. or I just won't do it.

So as I was doing some meal plotting for the week, the prep tip I'm sharing today hit me.

What are two meals with similar ingredients that I can cook at the same time?

A couple of weeks ago my friend and the owner of Linguine and Dirty Martinis, Callie Salls, posted a picture of a pizza frittata.


I'm on a huge frittata kick right now and looooooooove pizza but almost never make it. And feel gross when I order and eat too much of one.

Because I *always* eat too much pizza. It's pizza.

So that was it. I was going to make a pizza frittata and spaghetti this week. (Among a few other things that would tie in with the ingredients in my fridge and leftover ingredients from this pair up.)

Pizza Frittata and Spaghetti Starter

Spaghetti Sauce and Pizza Frittata - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous BlogIngredients

  • 1lb hamburger meat
  • mushrooms (I used a bag of sliced creminis from Trader Joe's)
  • Spices of choice (I used Italian Blend)
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Over medium-high heat, brown hamburger meat in large skillet. Season to taste.
  • Chop mushrooms and season. When meat is browned, add mushrooms and continue to cook until done.
  • When mushrooms are done, divide mixture into two skillets.

Skillet 1 - Spaghetti Sauce

Spaghetti Sauce and Pizza Frittata - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous BlogIngredients

  • Jarred marinara of choice
  • Additional spices of choice


  1. This is pretty quick and easy because when it's just me I'll cheat on the spaghetti sauce. Add jarred marinara until desired amount of chunky vs saucy consistency. (I like it more chunky.) Add any additional seasonings. For me this is usually some additional Italian Blend seasoning, garlic, dash of cinnamon, splash of red wine, and salt and pepper.
  2. Simmer until heated through.

Skillet 2 - Pizza Frittata

Pizza Frittata - Organizing with a Side of Fabulous BlogIngredients

  • Eggs (enough to cover fillings. I used 6)
  • Pepperoni slices
  • Spices of choice
  • Leftover jarred marinara
  • Grated parmesan


  1. Preheat oven to 350.
  2. Beat eggs within an inch of their life. Add spices of choice. Pour over meat and mushroom mixture. Stir around to make sure everything is evenly distributed.
  3. Lay slices of pepperoni on top of eggs.
  4. Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes or until eggs are set.
  5. Remove from oven and transfer to plate to allow to cool a little.
  6. Slice like a pie. Garnish individual slices with warmed marinara and parmesan. (I would have taken a picture but I ate it too quickly. SO good.)

Now you have some proper meals to eat without having to resort to takeout. The frittata is just as awesome leftover as it is fresh and may be eaten at room temp or even cold. For the spaghetti sauce, you can go traditional and put over spaghetti or mix it up and put it a little in a skillet, create a hole in the center, crack an egg in there and have some breakfast, brunch, or breakfast for dinner. (More info here.)


Pro-tip: I like to mix hamburger meat with chopped mushrooms because it adds in a veg and stretches the meat thus saving a little scratch in your food budget without really noticing. Also, if you have mushroom issues (taste, texture, holycrapthat'sfungus) the mushrooms really aren't detectable.

Alternative options: Use the same starter mixture and add Mexican spices instead of Italian ones. Can also add in red kidney beans or pinto beans to make it stretch even further. From here you can use the mixture in tacos, lettuce wraps, taco salad, enchiladas or whatever else your imagination can come up with.

Have you done anything like this before? What ingredients can you think of that can be cooked up then split into two or more different dishes?

Examples like this and more will be in my upcoming e-guide on meal planning for one. Title and release date coming soon.