Quick Tip: Shift Your Perspective

Today's tip takes mere seconds. 


When something sucks, shift your perspective to a view that doesn't suck. 

Once client had a hard time with de-cluttering because she'd always mentally filed decluttering under "work" and she didn't like work. So we switched up the wording and started calling it "space creation." 

Boom. Block gone. 

I currently have a few clients that are working on morning and evening routines to better set themselves up for a productive day ahead or a night of restful sleep. Before we started working together, they'd tried over and over to create a helpful routine. However nothing was sticking and they were really frustrated. So instead, I told them to think of the different activities of their routines as "experiments." If it works, fabulous. If not, experiment with something else. 

Boom. Frustration gone. 

Where in your life are you trying to force things? How can you shift that into a positive spin? What can you turn into an experiment or play vs. work? The end result is the same but this way the process is much more enjoyable. 

And Sunshines, that's really what it's all about. 

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