In the News: October 2015

Where we've been seen in October: 

"October Unprocessed: Meal Planning for One" - Eating Rules. This is my guest post for this year's October Unprocessed. If you usually only cook for one, this simple way to plan will save you time and money while not having to eat a ton of leftovers. Because cooking for one doesn't have to suck.  

"Here's Proof That Office Supplies Can Organize Your Entire Home" - Good Housekeeping. Good Housekeeping is onto me...I LOVE office supplies and think they can be used anywhere. I can easily spend just as much time in the organizational section of an office store as I can the Container Store and it also forces me to be a little more creative. Love the different uses they feature in this slideshow. 

"Decluttering Tips: a full house and a full life." - This article provides tips and procedures for decluttering a home full of things.

And two that are from earlier this year and recently updated to give us proper credit: 

"The Lazy Person's Guide to Organizing in the Kitchen." - The Kitchn. People often say that they're too lazy to get organized. I like to say that I stay organized because I'm too lazy to look for things. Some pretty clever tips in this piece. 

"Hacks to Make the Most of the Mighty Binder Clip." - Huffington Post. Great uses for binder clips. Some fresh, some you've seen before. I do love creative use of a binder clip.